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The FLEAGAD Market is a volunteer-run, cooperative effort cultivated by a dedicated group of EGAD merchants and supporters committed to sharing the vibrancy of our unique Arts District. Our goal is to increase opportunity for all in our community by donating 100% of market proceeds to promote local economic development through mini grant programs, business start-up assistance and incentives for businesses seeking to join the Arts District community.

This event is presented each month by Standard Collective, the Verdi EcoSchool, and Co/Create.


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Every 1st Saturday


Eau Gallie arts district

Highland Ave, Melbourne, FL


The FLEAGAD Market is a community sponsored event powered by the merchants of the Eau Gallie Arts District & their supporters to enrich our unique district and invite other creatives, artisans, and entrepreneurs to join us on our journey!

Times vary -- December 5 will be 10am to 2pm

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Thank you for your interest in being involved in The FLEAGAD Market! 


We’re looking for local vendors that have a handmade/handcrafted element to their profession and/or products. This may include but is not limited to: artists, vintage curators, musicians, holistic, jewelry makers, non-profit groups, diy crafters, indie makers, and more! Please, no resellers - Artisans only.


Please answer the following questions. By submitting this application, it does not guarantee a spot as a vendor. This allows the FLEAGAD Organizers to effectively curate the market in everyone’s best interest.


If you have any questions, please contact us at info@fleagadmarket.com




Where and when is the market open?

The FLEAGAD Market is open every 1st Saturday of each month unless otherwise noted. It is located in the Eau Gallie Arts District --  Highland Avenue, Melbourne, FL 32935.  The next market is December 5th and will take place in 2 locations - The Eau Gallie Square and the Verdi EcoSchool, right down the road from the Square. The market will take place 10am to 2pm.


Is FLEAGAD a farmer's market?

The FLEAGAD Market strives to be a local artisan community flea market. We have a range of vendors like woodworkers, designers, crafters, bakers, performers, artists, jewelry makers, and more. So we wouldn't say it is necessarily a farmer's market, but we do have fresh veggies at each market!


How many vendor spots are available?

Due to the limited amount of space, we can only accept 50 to 65 vendors. We started out in the EGAD Community Garden and expanded into the Eau Gallie Square -- Now, we are at a serious point of growth...Can’t wait to see where it takes us! 


How much does it cost to be a vendor?

From August 2018 through February 2020 we operated on a Donation--Based fee structure. The recommended donation was $15.00 during that 18-month period. Starting with the March 2020, we are moving to a pre-paid $20.00 vendor donation. We have grown out of the EGAD Community Garden which was FREE for us to use. Once we outgrew the garden and moved into the EGAD Square (about a year ago), we started having to pay a few hundred dollars each month and we had to upgrade our insurance. These additional costs have had a huge effect on our market, but we are so excited to keep growing and WE LOVE OUR VENDORS, so we have taken the loss in stride even though it has kept us from moving forward with so many of our plans for the community. As mentioned above, starting in March 2020, we are asking for a $20.00 pre-paid donation. However, if you are a previous vendor and you are struggling with this option, please reach out -- You know we will work with you. 💜


As a volunteer-run market, this $20.00 donation allows us to keep the market running as smoothly as possible. It helps us pay to promote the market (boosts and occasional ads),  to make more people aware, compensate performers, do cooler things, and continue to grow! 


If I submit a vendor application, am I guaranteed a booth?

Unfortunately, no. As we are growing, we are continuing to receive many more applications each month, but we are only able to accept a percentage of them. We try to accept at most 20% of each type of vendor so that the market can provide a unique experience for our patrons and give opportunities to different vendors each month as much as possible. As an artisan market, we work hard to curate the market in everyone's best interests.


How do I apply?

You can apply by filling out the application found on our website. Go to "VENDORS" menu link, which will bring you to the application. Please answer as thoroughly as possible so we can get an accurate understanding of your service/products. Once you submit the application, we are notified immediately and you will be added to our list of applicants.

If you would like to be eligible for the next month's market, you must apply within the application window. The timeline begins the day after the previous market. You must submit one week from that date to be eligible. For example, if the previous market took place on Dec. 1st, the window for the January market begins on Dec. 2nd until Dec. 8th.


When will I get notified?

We will notify you via email 1-2 days after the application deadline as to whether you've been accepted. 


How are spots assigned?

Vendor booth spots are assigned at the sole discretion of The FLEAGAD Organizers. While we do consider and try to honor placement requests, we cannot always fulfill them. (we try though!) You will receive a map with the vendor layout and you will receive it in an email along with final instructions for loading and unloading. You should expect to receive this email about 3 days prior to the event.


What if I've been accepted but realize I can't make it?

We understand life happens. Please notify us at least 48 hours before the market so that we can reach out to a vendor on the waiting list. As mentioned, we are volunteers running the market and much time and planning goes into each event. When we get multiple cancels at the last minute, not only does it affect the market, but it affects the present vendors and our patrons. We appreciate your cooperation to making this event run as smooth as possible! 💙


What are some other vendor policies?

Thanks for asking! Vendors are asked to load and unload in a timely manner. You will receive instructions in your email for this. The market opens to the public at 12:30pm and vendors are expected to arrive at the time given in your packet (depended on whether we are in the Square, street, etc.) to begin set up.  Your FLEAGAD Organizers will have a list of bathrooms that you can use for any month’s that we are not required to have portalets. 

Under any circumstance, The FLEAGAD Market, Verdi Eco School, Standard Collective, Co/Create, The Merchants of Eau Gallie, Eau Gallie Arts District, The City of Melbourne, and any other adjacent businesses/properties cannot be held liable for occurrences that happen as a result of vending or attending at The FLEAGAD Market. Vendors are expected to comply with local, state, and federal laws while participating at The FLEAGAD Market. We are not responsible for occurrences that may change the operational flow of the market and we are note responsible for any loss of sales as a result. Vendors are responsible for cleaning up after themselves. Please be aware of your surroundings so we may continue to use the beautiful space we've been provided. If you require any accommodations, please make note in your application and/or send us an email at info@fleagadmarket.com and we'll do our best to help you.


Can I become a sponsor?

We would LOVE for you to be a sponsor! As a volunteer-run organization, we really appreciate anything that can help further the market and its success to better serve the local community. Please send us a message at info@fleagadmarket.com and someone will be in touch with you regarding all the amazing opportunities we can offer you or your business as a sponsor.




Est. 2018 in Eau Gallie Arts District, Florida

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